Hebrew Bible with Commentaries

[Bible. Hebrew. With Rabbinic commentaries].
4 vols. Edited by Cornelius Adelkind.
Venice: Daniel Bomberg, 1546–48. (Prothro B-320)

Several editions of the Hebrew Bible were published in Italy during the fifteenth century, but it was not until 1516 that the Mikraot Gedolot (Rabbinic Bible) was printed, containing the Hebrew scriptures and the traditional commentaries called the Targumim. In his second edition of 1524–25 the printer Daniel Bomberg also included the Masorah (with pronunciation markings and extensive notes). The Prothro Collection includes the third edition of the Rabbinic Bible, compiled by Cornelius Adelkind for Christian as well as Jewish scholars. The exhibited page shows the beginning of the Book of Ruth.

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Hebrew Bible with Commentaries