Constance Wozny

Eastwood, Kentucky
Constance Wozny operates her own bookbinding studio in Eastwood. She has studied with Merl Kast in Louisville, Kentucky, Gabrielle Fox in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Tini Miura and Monique Lallier at the American Academy of Bookbinding in Telluride, Colorado. She is a member of the Guild of Book Workers and the Hand Bookbinders of California.

Example Binding: 
Sven Ljungberg, author and illustrator. 
Translated and introduced by Rosemary and Thorsten Sjölin.
Oldham, England: Incline Press, 2000.

Full dark green goat skin with black goat leather doublures, top edge illustrated with a free-hand design of leaves. Title stamped at an angle on the front of the lime green leather onlay using black foil. Inlays of leaves, based on marble paper by MarbleSmith, in black and green goat leather. Text sewn on tapes and sewn silk headbands.

Design Description: 
Full graphite-grey buffalo leather with matching doublures, flyleaves will be marble paper designed by MarbleSmith in the colors of grey, gold, and deep pink. Sewn silk headbands will also incorporate these colors. The front cover will have an onlay, beveled along the edges, of deep pink buffalo leather with blind-stamped design of the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus. Title will be stamped using black foil on a lighter piece of gray leather trimmed with deep pink leather inserted below the picture. It will appear as an inlay. Blind-stamped cross on back cover.

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Constance Wozney example binding

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Constance Wozney design proposal

Constance Wozny