Hand Painted Watercolors

In the Beginning God . . .
Flemington, New Jersey: St. Teresa’s Press, 1969.

Designed and produced by St. Teresa’s Press

Delicate watercolors accompany text printed with American Uncial and Solemnis types. Each book in this edition was hand painted, which may explain the edition size of merely one hundred copies; this copy is numbered 33. St. Teresa’s Press was started in 1965 to produce handcrafted books. Entirely designed and produced by members of the order of Discalced Carmelite Nuns of Flemington, New Jersey, no individual artists are credited by name. The dedication to the crew of the Apollo 8 mission reads: “To commemorate man’s first flight to the moon and those men of great faith, Colonel Borman, Captain Lovell, and Lt. Colonel Anders, Christmas, 1968.”

This copy is from the collection of Rabbi Levi A. Olan at Bridwell Library.

The Old Testament - Genesis and Exodus
Hand Painted Watercolors