Gregor Reisch

Gregor Reisch (d. 1525).
Margarita philosophica nova cui insunt sequentia. Epigrammata in commendationem operis. Institutio grammatic[a]e latin[a]e. pr[a]ecepta logices. Rhetoric[a]e informatio. Ars memorandi [Petri] Ravennatis. [Philippi] Beroaldi modus componendi epi[stolas]. Arithmetica. Musica plana. Geometrie principia. Astronomia cum quibusdam de astrologia. Philosophia naturalis. Moralis philosophia cum figuris.
Strassburg: Joannes Grüninger, 1512. (BRA0847)

Reisch’s illustrated encyclopedia compiles information from various branches of medieval knowledge: grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and philosophy as well as the natural and human sciences. Compiled by the Prior of the Carthusians at Freiburg and confessor of Emperor Maximilian I, the text is not highly original but rather represents a synthesis of earlier authors. The numerous woodcuts include noteworthy pre-Vesalian depictions of human organs, the eyes, and the brain.

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History of Medicine
Gregor Reisch