Expurgations for a Bible

Antonio de Sotomayor, General Inquisitor of Spain (1548–1648).
Index librorum prohibitorum et expurgandorum novissimus.
Madrid: Diego Diaz, 1667. (AFW8269)

This combined edition of the indexes of prohibited and expurgated books is a reprint of Cardinal Antonio de Sotomayor’s highly restrictive 1640 edition. It lists numerous prohibited passages in the notes in the 1584 Salamanca edition of the Biblia Sacra compiled by Franciscus Vatablus (1485–1547). The directions to the censor are quite specific. For example, under “In Psalmos” (on the left-hand page), the second entry calls for note 20 on Psalm 16 to be expurgated after the words “deseres animam meam” to the end of the note, while the third entry calls for the deletion of note 22 in its entirety.

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The Index of Expurgations
Expurgations for a Bible