De simplicitate vitae christiane

Girolamo Savonarola (1452–1498).
Devotissimi patris fratris Hieronymi Savanarole Ferrariensis . . . De simplicitate vitae christiane.
Alcalá de Henares: Miguel de Eguia, 1529. (30878)

The most conservative elements of the Catholic Church, including the Jesuits, refused to read any of Savonarola’s writings. This copy of his De simplicitate vitae christiane, printed in Spain, bears a seventeenth-century inscription on its title page warning that the “Auctor iste damnatus” (“the author is damned”). However, citing the Historia pontifical y cathólica by Gonzalo de Illescas (1565–1633), the inscription concedes that this particular treatise by Savonarola, written “prior to his deceptions,” is a laudable Christian work.

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Savonarola's Prohibited Sermons
De simplicitate vitae christiane