Expurgated Bible notes

[Latin Bible, with commentary].
Biblia sacra, cum duplici translatione, & scholiis Francisci Vatabli. Two volumes.
Salamanca: Gaspare à Portonariis, Gulielmus Rovillius, and Benedictus Boier, 1584. (AEX3672)

In Bridwell Library’s copy of the 1584 Biblia Sacra compiled by Franciscus Vatablus, note 20 on Psalm 16 was expurgated after the words “deseres animam meam,” and note 22 was deleted entirely. Although these expurgations match those dictated by Sotomayor’s Index, inscriptions in both volumes of the Biblia Sacra indicate that the expurgations were made by Diego León Plaza, censor of the Inquisition, in accordance with an earlier Spanish Index librorum expurgatorum, compiled in 1612 for Bernardo de Sandoval y Rojas, the Archbishop of Toledo.

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The Index of Expurgations
Expurgated Bible notes