Fragmenta passionis domini

Jacob Otther (fl. 1500).
Fragmenta passionis domini nostri Iesu Christi. A celeberrimo (divini eloquii oratore) domino Ioanne Geiler ex Keisersberg theologo.
Strasbourg: Matthias Schürer, 1508. (BRA1441)

Class I: Prohibited Authors

This prohibited book by Jacob Otther of Speyer was compiled from the unpublished sermons of his controversial teacher, the Catholic preacher Johann Geiler von Kaisersberg (1445–1510). Bridwell Library’s copy of the book reflects the prohibited status of its author according to the Index librorum prohibitorum: on the title page, an early owner or librarian wrote “NB Otherus est Authore prohibitus, primae classis” (“Note: Otther is a prohibited author of the First Class”).

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The Index of Prohibited Books
Fragmenta passionis domini