Samuel Lieberkühn (1710–1777).
The History of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: Comprehending All that the Four Evangelists Have Recorded concerning Him.
New York: Daniel Fanshaw, 1821. 
Translated into Delaware by David Zeisberger (1721–1808). (BRB1167)

Lieberkühn studied theology at Halle and Jena, where he came into contact with the Herrnhut community. Beginning in 1736 Lieberkühn served as a Moravian missionary and pastor in Holland. His Gospel Harmony, The History of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, is a compilation of the four New Testament gospels into a single narrative. Another Moravian Missionary, David Zeisberger, translated the text and presented it to the Delaware Christian Indian community at Goshen, Tuscarawas County, Ohio on May 23, 1806. Zeisberger, a minister, translator, and advocate for the rights of Native Americans, served more than sixty years in the mission field.

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