Apocalypse: Adoration

Albrecht Dürer.
The Adoration of the Lamb.
Woodcut, completed by 1498.
Printed without text on verso.
[Nuremberg, c. 1518]. (BRA0252)

In this woodcut from the Apocalypse series, Dürer illustrated the beginning of Revelation chapter 14 along with several elements described in earlier chapters of the biblical account. The holy lamb with seven eyes and seven horns stands upon the altar amidst the four winged creatures (Revelation 4:6-9) and is adored by the twenty-four elders (5:6-9); a multitude of worshippers from all the tribes of Israel, dressed in white and holding palm fronds, sings a hymn of praise (7:4-9); and St. John speaks with one of the elders (7:13-17) near the bottom of the scene.

Dürer's First Books in Nuremberg
Apocalypse: Adoration