Stephan Fridolin (1430–1498).
Schatzbehalter, oder Schrein der waren Reichtümer des Heils unnd ewyger Seligkeit.
Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 8 November 1491. (06628)

The Schatzbehalter, or “treasure chest of the true riches of the saints and eternal salvation,” was another important illustrated work published by Dürer’s godfather. It was written by Stephan Fridolin, a Franciscan in Nuremberg whose German text narrates 100 events in the life of Christ that are accompanied by 91 full-page woodcut illustrations. In his preface, the author stated that the illustrations were meant to reinforce the biblical lessons in the minds of the audience, especially those who were illiterate.

The woodcuts were designed by Michael Wolgemut, who became Dürer’s teacher in 1486, and his step-son Wilhelm Pleydenwurff (c. 1460–1494), the son of the prominent Nuremberg painter Hans Pleydenwurff. Exhibited is the illustration of Christ’s Agony in the Garden, a theme that Dürer was to explore in several of his prints.

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