Engravings by Fittler

[English Bible]. The Holy Bible. Ornamented with Engravings by James Fittler from Celebrated Pictures by Old Masters..
Volume 1 of two.
London: Thomas Bensley for Robert Bowyer and James Fittler, 1795. (00457)

This English Bible, called the “Cabinet Bible” on its frontispiece, features engravings after well-known old master paintings held in British collections. The exhibited illustration depicting the finding of the infant Moses in the Nile by the pharaoh’s daughter was engraved by James Fittler (1758–1835) after a painting by Anthony Van Dyck (1599–1641). According to the engraved legend below the image, it was “done from the original picture in the possession of His Grace the Duke of Devonshire.”


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Eighteenth Century
Engravings by Fittler