Mainz Edition of Latin Bible 1609

[Latin Bible]. Biblia sacra Vulgatae editionis Sixti V. Pont. Max. iussu recognita et Clementis VIII auctoritate edita, nunc autem CXXXX figuris noviter inventis & in aes incisis illustrata a de Brÿ.
Mainz: Johann Albinus, for Johann Theobald Schonwetter and Jakob Fischer, 1609. (Prothro B-290)

One of the first Latin Bibles to advertise its illustrations in the title of the work, this Mainz edition of 1609 features 140 engravings designed by Johann Theodor de Bry (1561–1623) of Liège. The exhibited illustration, depicting King Nimrod overseeing the construction of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11), depicts the tyrant in “oriental” attire, while the landscape includes a northern European city with church spires and windmills. The engraver of this plate, Georg Keller (1568–1634) of Frankfurt am Main, signed his name on the stonemason’s block in the right foreground.


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Seventeenth Century
Mainz Edition of Latin Bible 1609