"Not to be Lent"

John Wesley.
Sermons on Several Occasions.
London: William Bowyer, 1754. (04826)

The title page of these John Wesley sermons was inscribed by its owner, “Thos. Janes. Not to be lent.” There were at least two men by the name of Thomas Janes who were associated with early Methodism. One was admitted as a Methodist preacher in Bristol in 1768 but died in 1771. The other was a wealthy gentleman in Cork, Ireland, whom John Wesley praised in his Journal (14 April 1771) for his generous contribution of more than £300 toward the building of a Methodist meeting house. Who was more likely to mark this book “Not to be lent?” – the preacher or the generous benefactor?

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Books Owned by Ministers
"Not to be Lent"