Alphabet Stone

Alphabet Stone
Eric Gill or student
Carved limestone in wooden frame, c. 1930
Bridwell Library purchase with the assistance of W. Thomas Taylor, 1978

One of the leading English book artists and fine stonecutters of the twentieth century was Eric Gill. From his studio at Piggott’s High Wycombe, this limestone features Trajan capitals based on those carved into Trajan’s Column in Rome (A.D. 113) and an invented lower case on the opposite face of the slab. Along with the more than one hundred fine press books written or designed by Eric Gill in the Bridwell Library collection are two scenes in monumental scale carved into Portland stone, Creator and Alleluia, together called High Jinks in Paradise, installed on walls of the reception hall on the first floor of this building.

Gill Alphabet.jpg Gill Alphabet lower case.jpg
Second Floor Corridor
Alphabet Stone