Bridwell Broadside VI (Carl Brannin)

Bridwell Broadside VI
Calligraphy, after the manner of Ben Shahn, by Richard A. Wang
Printed in two colors by Fallon Snyder. December 1966

In 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brannin, of Dallas, established in Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, the Laura and Carl Brannin Collection of Religion in Social Action. Both Mr. and Mrs. Brannin participated in the definition of the nature of the collection.

When Mrs. Brannin died August 11, 1965, over two hundred friends made additional gifts to support the development of the collection. Mr. Brannin has continued with substantial support.

To those who know the Brannins, the contours of the collection will already be known. To those who do not know the Brannins, the collection itself speaks of the founders. The Brannins gave their lives to the advancement of understanding between people, the betterment of the human race whenever and wherever possible. Popularity was never a concern. Justice was their passion.

Because meaningful expressions of ideals, religious and social, are found in the lives of individuals who become involved, it is natural that heavy emphasis of the collection be given to biography. Mr. and Mrs. Brannin wrote on May 22, 1965: “We are thinking of the biographies . . . of such people as Theodore Parker, Darrow, George Norris, and other pioneers in the cause of human justice. Of course the current period, with the record of the whole years from the Supreme Court decision in 1954 down to Selma and beyond should be included.”

In addition to biography, general surveys and reports of social movements of our time and hour are selectively added.

While the Brannin Collection is not housed apart from other related books in Bridwell Library, nevertheless each Brannin book has its own distinctive bookplate. From time to time, displays of the newest Brannin Collection items are prepared.

Through its usage in Bridwell Library, the Laura and Carl Brannin Collection of Religion in Social Action nourishes a passion for justice and love — an appropriate extension of the lives of Laura and Carl Brannin.

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Bridwell Broadside VI (Carl Brannin)