Paul Elliott Martin

Paul Elliott Martin
Joseph D. Quillian, Jr.
pen and ink, felt-tip marker, February 8, 1975
Presented to Mildred Martin by Dean Quillian, March 11, 1975
Gift of Bishop John Wesley Hardt

SMU alumnus Paul E. Martin (1897–1975), namesake of this mandala, was a pastor in the North Texas Conference who was elected to the episcopacy of the Methodist Church in 1944.

Dr. Joseph Dillard Quillian, Jr. (1917–1992), dean of Perkins School of Theology from 1960 to 1981, practiced the discipline of making mandalas during conversations, in meetings, at study, and at leisure. As early as the 1940s, as chaplain in the U. S. Navy stationed in Atu, Alaska, Quillian doodled a mandala inside the cover of his ministerial records notebook. Throughout his career Quillian’s mandalas were treasured as gifts from him, and also by the public in displays at Main Place Gallery in 1970 and at Valley House Gallery in 1974. They adorned Perkins programs and booklets and were included in the Neiman-Marcus Library of Fashion line when Stanley Marcus issued a selection of Quillian designs as Italian silk scarves.

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Upper Basement Corridor
Paul Elliott Martin