Vatican II - Charter for Change

“Vatican II—Charter for Change” lecture booklet, Perkins School of Theology, 1966

During and after the Second Vatican Council, Albert Outler received many invitations to speak about the Council’s work. The exhibited booklet and tapes record a report given by Outler to Southern Methodist University and the Dallas community on January 26, 1966. Outler’s conclusion included these thoughts:

It is, obviously, too soon to cast up anything like a final account of Vatican II. We must go on watching this strange up-welling of the tides of the Spirit in the Roman Catholic Churchand not just as passive spectators. We, too, have a stake in their successes; none of us will gain by any failure of theirs. It is, instead, for us to join with them in all the good causes we can, to keep the pressure on all the barriers that are still up and to get on with our own tasks in God’s vineyard, but not now with hostile rivalry.

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Vatican II - Charter for Change