Petrus Canisius (1521–1597). 
Kleiner Katechismus in Fragen und Antworten für Kinder
Zug, [Switzerland]: Johann Michael Aloys Blunschi, 1792.

“What book has God given to teach us?”
“The Holy Scriptures, full of truth,
Can guide, and cleanse, and teach our youth.”

—From “A Catechism, &c. The Answers of which consist of two lines in Rhyme” in Little Child’s Scriptural Lessons, in Rhyme, with Prayers and Graces

Manuals of Christian doctrine, catechisms often are organized in the form of questions with accompanying answers to be memorized. Both Protestant and Catholic authors utilized this popular and accessible genre to convey fundamental religious teachings. Included here are works published between the early sixteenth and middle nineteenth century in German, Latin, Spanish, Dutch, French, and English, with examples of texts printed for both the youngest readers and more advanced students.