Early Death of a Pious Young Girl in Boston, Translated into French, Printed in Grenoble

Les merveilles de la grâce de Dieu dans un enfant, ou notice sur Marie Lothrop, morte á Boston, dans l’Amérique septentrionale, le 18 mars 1831, âgrée de 6 ans et 3 mois.
Grenoble: Prudhomme, Imprimeur-Libraire, 1834. (BRB0906)

An extremely rare French edition of an American children’s book that was first printed by the American Tract Society in New York in 1832, the Memoir of Mary Lothrop tells the story of a young girl who becomes extraordinarily pious while suffering a great illness prior to her death. Both the American and French editions include the testimony of a Baptist pastor in Boston who attests to the truth and virtue of the account. This previously unrecorded Grenoble imprint was preceded by a French edition printed in Geneva in 1833.

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Early Death of a Pious Young Girl