Pocket Book History of Jesus, with Engraved Frontispiece

Mason Williams (1719–1791).
The History of Jesus. Drawn up for the Instruction of Children.
London: Printed by J. Cundee, 1802. (BRB0978)

First published in 1789, this little pocket book includes chapters on Christ’s birth, his life on earth, temptation by the devil, miracles, and life in heaven. The author's preface offers children this guidance for best comprehending the text: “I would beseech you to read it with great deliberation; not only to read it, but consider what you read; pause frequently, and be concerned to understand what you are reading. If you meet with any passage you do not understand, ask your father or mother, or some dear friend . . . . Do not be ashamed to do so; for what you do not understand, can do you no good.”

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Pocket Book History of Jesus