The Lord's Prayer in Dutch, Lithographed and Illustrated

Het Onze Vader voorgesteld in afbeeldingen voor de jeugd.
[Leiden]: Arnz and Company, [ca. 1840]. (BRB0910)

An entirely lithographed pictorial version of the Lord’s Prayer in Dutch, this book consists of seven plates printed in color with additional finishing added by hand. Each sentence of the prayer is depicted with illustrations of various scenes in the life of an old farmer and his young grandson. Thus, the image for the beginning of the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9) shows an old man and a young boy in the early morning of a new day driving a herd of cattle out to the fields. The Dutch text at the bottom of the plate also reinforces the image, ending (“Onze vader, djie in den hemel zÿt! Geheiligd zÿ Uw naam.”) with the initial phrases of this well-known prayer (“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name.”).

Devotional Literature
The Lord's Prayer in Dutch