Prayers Printed for Young Ladies, and Written by a Young Lady, in Belgium

Maison du Saint Sépulchre de Charleville. Prières a l'usage des demoiselles pensionnaires de la Maison du Saint Sépulchre de Charleville.
[Charleville, Belgium?]: de l’imprimerie de Raucort, 1785. (BRB0806)

This is a prayer book for the use of ladies residing in the Maison du Saint Sépulchre de Charleville in Belgium, including girls in a school operated by the canonesses of the Sepulchrine order in Charleville. At the end of the volume an early owner attempted to transcribe a prayer for a good death (“priere pour obtenir une boune mort”), but accidentally spilled ink over her hand-written text. She then copied the text once more in the following unmarked pages.

Devotional Literature
Prayers Printed for Young Ladies