English and German Prayers for Children in Bethlehem (Pennsylvania)

English and German Prayer-Book for Children, That Long for Salvation. Suited to Every Day of the Month, and Some Special Occasions.
Bethlehem, [Penn.]: Printed by Julius W. Held, 1845. (BRB0782)

This bilingual English and German prayer book for children was printed by one of the early job printers in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The English and German sections are printed separately, rather than presenting the prayers in two languages side-by-side. In the preface addressed to “my dear children,” the compiler writes, “Prayer in our own behalf, intercession in behalf of others, ascription of praise to Him that loved us, and gave himself to us, ought always to go hand in hand, and to occupy daily some portion of our precious time.” Echoing the quotation on the title page from Psalms 55:17 (“Evening and morning and at noon will I pray and cry aloud, and he shall hear my voice.”), the compiler adds, “Morning, noon and night therefore you may use this little hand-book, until by frequent repetition, you will be able to recite the hymns from memory. I pray God to enable you to make their language, the language of your own heart.” On display are prayers in German for birthday evening, Christmas morning, Christmas noon, and Christmas evening.

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