Canisius's Catechism for Experienced Students, in German

Petrus Canisius (1521–1597).
Catholischer Catechismus mit feinen Kuppfern.
Bamberg: Johann Christian Marschand, 1705. (BRB0683)

This is the first edition of this German translation of Canisius’s Catechismus minimus for advanced students, first published in Latin in 1556. The work includes the first appearance of the illustrations found in this volume: fifty-seven full-page text engravings, one full-page engraved plate, twelve engraved head- and tailpieces, and this double-page engraved frontispiece on display. The plate serves as a welcome beginning to Canisius’s catechism, with several children encouraged by their mothers and attendants to approach the Bible in the center of the image.

Canisius's Catechism for Experienced Students