Hymns and Poems, from the German

[Lady Charlotte Penrhyn (fl. 1830s)].
Hymns and Poems for Little Children. Translated from the German, by a Lady.
London: Smith, Elder, and Company, 1837. (BRB0980)

This small compilation of verses, translated from the German, is dedicated to the author’s three god-daughters. Although the hymns and poems are clearly intended for very young children, the author’s preface is addressed to parents:

“The following verses, which are nearly literal translations from hymns and poems in a small German book for the use of children, published at Hamburg, were written without any view to publication, but for the amusement and instruction of the author’s children. It has been suggested to her that they may be useful in other nurseries as well as her own; and she therefore commits them to the press, claiming for them no merit but that of a faithful imitation of the simplicity of the original; and desiring no other success than that of being, in some degree, instrumental in raising the minds of children to the contemplation of the works of their Creator.”

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