Early Piety in a Variety of Forms and Genres, Illustrated

George Burder (1752–1832).
Early Piety, or, Memoirs of Children Eminently Religious. Interspersed with Familiar Dialogues, Emblematical Pictures, Prayers, Graces, and Hymns.
Chelsea: Printed by J. Tilling, for the Religious Tract Society, [1808]. (BRB0979)

First published in 1777 as Early Piety or Memoirs of Children Eminently Serious, this revised edition with a slightly altered title includes a preface dated July 1808. Addressing young readers, the author explains, “That you may read it to profit, you must take notice of whatever was good in the children you read of, to imitate it; and whatever was bad, in order to avoid it.” The illustration on display of two boys provides a good example of both positive and negative models. The accompanying text explains: “He on the left hand is named Passion, the other’s name is Patience. You may perceive, Passion is much disquieted; but Patience sits, with a Bible in his hand, as quiet as a lamb; and he is so happy, because he is contented to wait till next year for several pretty things his guardian has promised him.” In addition to dialogues and illustrations, the author also uses hymns, prayers, and poems to engage children’s attention.

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