Bogatzky's Golden Treasury, a provincial printing

Carl Heinrich von Bogatzky (1690-1774).
A Golden Treasury for the Children of God, Whose Treasure is in Heaven; Consisting of Select Texts of the Bible, with Practical Observations in Prose and Verse for Every Day in the Year. With Some Alterations and Improvements by Various Hands. Also a Preface on the Right Use of this Book, Together with a Few Forms of Prayer for Private Use.
York: Printed by and for Thomas Wilson and Sons, 1821. (BRB0412)

First published in 1718, Bogatzky’s compendium of devotional texts for children, Güldenes Schatz-Kästlein der Kinder Gottes (“Little Golden Treasure Chest of God’s Children”), was remarkably popular with numerous editions in German and English as well as translations in French, Welsh, and Czech printed before 1800. This translation was first published in London in 1754, following the nineteenth German edition. In this 1821 provincial English printing, each page is for a single day and includes a quotation from the Bible, religious reflections in prose, and brief verse. Combined, these texts provided young readers with a variety of daily devotions to be read and reflected upon throughout the year.

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Bogatzky's Golden Treasury