Illustrated Scripture ABC in English and Ojibwa

Scripture A.B.C. Book. Ojebwa kiya Shah yah gah nah she momach guck A.B.C. mahzenahegun.
Toronto and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario: Published and Sold by the Algoma and North-West Colportage Mission, [between 1885 and 1897]. (BRB0199)

This late nineteenth-century scripture ABC for Ojibwa-speaking children in Canada includes instructional texts in English and Ojibwa on facing pages. Each letter A through Z (Ark through Zaccheus) is illustrated with the same wood-engraved image and, curiously, the same English word or name is used on both the English and Ojibwa pages (e.g.: “O for Owl” and “P for Paul”). The pamphlet includes a bilingual version of the hymn “Jesus Loves Me” and concludes with an additional unillustrated bilingual scripture alphabet for more experienced readers with variant word choices for some letters of the alphabet.

Instructional Works
Illustrated Scripture ABC in English and Ojibwa